• Diana Galeeva

Yoga as a Remedy for Menstrual Pain and Mood Swing

Since I turned 25, every month I had a couple of days with menstrual pain, cramps in my belly area and different cravings 🥐🧀🍫. Every month I had to take a painkiller and be out of my normal life 🥴

One day, during my program for yoga instructor, our teacher said that during period 🩸 women should avoid intense training and do special exercises for opening the hip area and improving blood circulation in the womb. He promised, it will alleviate unpleasant symptoms and pain.

I decided to try it out next time when my period crams came, and was so surprised how helpful it was!! Now I do these exercises every month, and manage to reduce the symptoms up to 80%.

Knowing that many women suffer from it, I recorded a special practice for Menstruation days, which will be a great relief and freedom as it became for me. You can access it and many other practices on my YouTube channel! (Link in bio)

Do you also suffer from period pain and which methods you use to fight it?

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